Dorito’s Chilli Roulette Challenge

Another cool example of Gamification is one you’ve probably heard of and is fairly recent. Doritos much like, their competitor Pringles (who I’ve done a post on previously), is known as quite a fun crisp company in the way they present themselves. Doritos in April 2015 launched their new packet of crisps, Dorito’s Chilli Roulette.… Continue reading Dorito’s Chilli Roulette Challenge

An Intro into Gamification: Does it work?

Welcome to Gamification: Does It Work? Since this is the first post I thought that a bit of an introduction into the blog would be a great place to start. Over the course of this blog I intend to write about examples of gamification and how it has been used by different organisations to achieve… Continue reading An Intro into Gamification: Does it work?